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Kadeploy is a scalable, efficient and reliable deployment system (cluster provisioning solution) for cluster and grid computing. It provides a set of tools for cloning, configuring (post installation) and managing cluster nodes. It can deploy a 300-nodes cluster in a few minutes, without intervention from the system administrator. It can deploy Linux, *BSD, Windows, Solaris.

It plays a key role on the Grid'5000 testbed, where it allows users to reconfigure the software environment on the nodes.


Sources, packages and documentation are available on the Gitlab project page.

Mailing list & contact information

To report bugs, ask for support or have general discussions, please use the bug tracker or the mailing list .

Kadeploy3 is developed at INRIA Nancy - Grand Est. Its development is currently supported by the ADT Kadeploy project (2011-2013), which is led by the AlGorille team at LORIA.

Current developers are Luc Sarzyniec (Inria, main developer since 2011), Emmanuel Jeanvoine (Inria, design & main developer from 2008 to 2011) and Lucas Nussbaum (Univ. de Lorraine, design since 2011).



Kadeploy3 greatly benefits from the work on Kadeploy and Kadeploy2, which were developed by the Apache and Mescal projects at the ID-IMAG laboratory (now part of Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble).